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Field Connector

FIC-03 Filed Installable Connector

U1 field installable connectors can be assembled easily and quickly in the field with no epoxy, heat cure devices or special tooling to facilitate the termination of the fibre. To reduce material waste, the drop cable connector can be removed and reterminated using the same connector up to five times.

The fiber mating alignment and gripping technology includes a factory polished zirconia ferrule, which improves durability and provides a reliable, low loss fiber termination.

A tool kit can be ordered separately. It contains Tripping and cutting tool, cleaver, and a cleaning paper.


1.Preterminated fiber in the ferrule, no epoxy, curing and 
2.Stable optical performance and reliable enviromental 
3.Cost effective and user friendly, termination time with 
   Tripping and cutting tool
4.Low cost redesign,competitive price.
5.Compact size,length less than 53mm.
6.Thread joints for cable fixing.


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