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Field Connector

FC Field installable Connector

With threaded body, FC connector was designed for use in high-vibration environments.RY-Fic-fc adopts RY key V-grooved technology and unitool technology. It can provide the most stable “fiber channel”.

     1.Reliability:FC connector is one kind of expensiv optical fiber connector. but becauce of it`s threaded body. it`s more reliable connection

       that SC connector, As Fic it`s also more reliable than SC.

     2.Precise alignment:High precision V-groove alignment, the relevant parts adopt symbiotic mode technology, the fiber alignment ,error is            less han 1μm.。

     3.Reliable fastening:Fc threaded connection structure provides the most reliable optical fiber connected Access mode, RY FC Field 
       connector  for Drop cable holding also uses thread locking structure, constitute the most fastening The site connector.

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