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Data Center Cable Assemblies

U1 offers a complete line of pre-terminated multi-fiber cables in a variety of cable configurations and connector types. U1's pre-terminated cables feature 50/125µm OM3 and OM4 laser optimized multimode, as well as our standard 62.5 micron multimode fibers and singlemode fibers. Our OM3 and OM4 fiber optic cable is applicable for backbone connections based on a cost-efficient multi-mode technology up to 100Gbit. All U1 pre-terminated cable assemblies are custom built to meet customer and application requirements.

1. Trunk Cables 
Trunk cables are an essential part of a structured cabling solution that connects the central access point and/or the zone access point directly into the device. When compared to using individual jumpers, trunk cables significantly reduce the physical space and number of cables required.

1.1 .Fanout-Fanout Trunk Cables
Fanout-to-Fanout trunks create a fixed “point to point” connection from a Central ccess Point to the Zone  Access Point. These trunks would typically be terminated with LC duplex connectors.







1.2 MTP-Fanout Trunk Cables
Only one end of the trunk is terminated with MTP connectors. The Fanout end of the trunk would be terminated with the connector type used at the Central Access Point (CAP). This creates a fixed “point to point” connection from a Central Access Point to the Zone Access Point.

1.3 MTP-MTP Trunk Cables

MTP connectors reduce the total number of single ferrule connectors by a factor as high as twelve to one. Quickly change connection type when using along with modular ssettes and patch panels. MTP trunk cables provide a cost effective method of accommodating technology change without incurring significant physical upgrade costs to the fiber optic infrastructure



2. Jumpers 

The “final feet.” U1 Jumpers provide connectivity between Patch Panels at the Central Access Point or the production hardware at the Zone Access Points. U1 Patch Cords are available in a wide variety of lengths and connector styles, all designed to provide reliable, flexible connectivity options.


3. Harnesses

Harnesses are used as a quick connect extension when coupled with an MTP trunk cable. The harness consists of an MTP connector to an array of 6 channels, or 12 fibers, terminated to the style of connector needed to attach to the production hardware. Generally, the harness would be connected to the MTP trunk cable under the floor.

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