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MM Filter Coupler

MMF has their large core, and a large Numerical Aperture (NA), the maximum angle at which a fiber can accept the light that will be transmitted through it. 

This allows them to work with relatively low cost optical components and light sources such a slight emitting diodes (LEDs) and VCSELs at short reach application, such as datacenter.

U1 Ultra High Stability of Coupling Ratio Design for Datacenter Monitoring Application,The coupling ratio is Insensitive to the different MM light source. 

It is widely used in Data Center,LAN/EPON/GPON,Video transmission, testing equipments and Network Monitoring.

Vcsel, Under fills fiber. Unstable MMF mode transmission. Higher coupling ratio. High speed and higher TX power amnd standard power budget link 



1. Fitting to the unstable MMF transmission.
2. Stable optical performance and reliable enviromental 
3. Cost effective and user friendly, termination time with two 
4. Low cost redesign,competitive price.


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