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MTP/MPO Connector

MPO products are multifiber connectors used in highdensity applications in data and telecommunications systems. MPO connectors offers high density than standard connectors, providing space and cost saving. MPO can be mass terminated in combinations of 4, 8,12 ,24,48 fiber ribbon cables.

Another multi fiber connector is MTP, MTP is trademarked enhanced performance version of MPO connector. 

MTP connector is currently available in 4, 8,12 ,24 and 72 fiber densities for multimode fiber and  4, 8,12and 24 fiber densities for single mode fiber.


1. Precision alignment pins improve insertion loss 
2. Fanouts to simplex fiber connectors require no splicing 
    resulting in cost reduction
3. MTP to HBMT and BMTP cable assemblies provide a 
    transition    from the board to the backplane
4. Color coded housings ensure singlemode and multimode 
    assemblies are easily distinguished
5. Push-pull mating of MTP* for quick connections
6. Variety of MTP adapters facilitate multiple mounting 
    options for flexible board and panel layouts

Applications & Associated Standards

1.Dense interconnect for datacommunication and 
  telecommunication systems
2.Chassis-to-chassis connections
3.Miniature interconnenction for optoelectronic modules
4.Below is an example of MTP bundle.





MTP multimode connectors are flat protruded polished and offer insertion loss performance of less than 0.50 dB and return loss performance of greater than 20 dB per channel. Typical insertion loss distribution for MTP connectors with 62.5¦Ìm multimode fiber is shown below. 

MTP single mode connectors are 8 angledprotruded polished and offer insertion loss performance of less than 0.75 dB and return loss performance greater than 55 dB per channel. Typical insertion loss distribution for standard MTP single-mode connectors is shown below. 

Ultra MTP  single mode connectors also feature an 8 angledprotruded polish. However, because of tighter tolerances on molding features and guide pin specifications, it offers insertion loss performance of less than 0.35 dB and return loss performance of greater than 55dB per channel.  

The minimum return loss at 850nm was 24dB and the minimum insertion loss at 1300 was 22dB. 

The minimum return loss at 1310nm was 49dB and the minimum insertion loss at 1550 was 50dB.

More fiber bundles spec should be designed by the bundle structure and fibers counts.We also can manufacture and supply om4 and SMF MTP bundle, the process is similar with OM3 MTP bundle.

Custom OM4 Cables / Pretium 550 Cables - Multimode 50/125 µm OM4 Pretium 550

Custom SMF 28e and SMF 28e XB bend improved cables - Single mode fibre 9/125 µm SMF 28e XB OS2

We  supply MTP bundles of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 individual MTP Cables and 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 144 Count Fibers per Trunk,respectively. We manufacture and supply MTP bundle in a large diversity of lengths and environmental standards from data center networking to industrial applications.

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