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Uniboot LC Connector

U1’s uniboot LC is a duplex LC connector with a single boot, dubbed the LC Uniboot. The connector's design allows a single round duplex 3 mm cable to be used for a duplex connector. 

The single piece design fits all duplex and simplex adapters. The Uniboot LC connector features a compact, pull-proof design with RJ-45 style interface.

All material is RoHS compliant.

By using a single cable with two fibers, installers are able to cut their cable count and weight in half. The design is suitable for use in data centers where cable counts are high and space is limited. 

Uniboot Fiber Optic Cables, Full Duplex Fiber Optical cables with LC, SC or LC/SC connectors and ITUT G.651 Compliant 50/125μm or 62.5/125 μm core diameter. The Multimode graded index optical fiber patch cord is ideal for interconnection of SAN switches, networking equipment and Fibre Channel devices that require up to 10Gbps data transmission. 10Gbps laser optimized Fiber Optical cable for VCSEL.


1. Slim round 2-fibre interconnect cable, uniboot style duplex connectors
2. Improve handling in high-density applications
3. Low loss connectivity
4. Enables system design flexibility
5. Compact, pull-proof design, with RJ-45 style interface
6. Plastic housing and boot made from UL-rated materials
7. Fully compatible with standard LC products
8. Uniboot LC switchable function meet the flexible connection.

Applications & Associated Standards
  • Datacenter Transveivers

the LC connector has become the standard for SFP transceivers, uniboot LC connector is specially fit to XFP transceivers, because it can reduce the cable diameter and save the data center space. So it is more and more popular in datacomm.

  • Bundle for fiber cable distribution in dada center

Uniboot LC bundles were widely used in data center, the bundles usually set along the yellow channel. Uniboot LC bundle connect and distribute the all kinds of equipments in dada center, such as routers, switches, servers and memories. 

Below is an example of UNIBOOT LC bundle.


Not including fiber cable attenuation

More fiber bundles spec should be designed by the bundle structure and fibers counts.We also can manufacture and supply om4 and SMF UNIBOOT LC bundle, the process is similar with OM3 UNIBOOT LC bundle.

    Custom OM4 Cables / Pretium 550 Cables - Multimode 50/125 µm OM4 Pretium 550
    Custom SMF 28e and SMF 28e XB bend improved cables - Single-mode fibre 9/125 µm SMF 28e XB OS2

We  supply UNIBOOT LC bundles of 2,4,6,8,10,12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 144 Count Fibers per Trunk, respectively. We manufacture and supply UNIBOOT LC bundle in a large diversity of lengths and environmental standards from data center networking to industrial applications.

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